Split: A Movie With Different Personalities

admin September 7, 2017 Views 183

Have you ever wondered what is it like to have multiple personalities? It may sound stressful since you need to cater to these personalities and adjust to whatever kind of attitude they have. Apparently, psychologically speaking, this can be a mental disorder because a person should only have a single personality. Having different personalities is like riding a roller coaster with a lot of ups and downs with loops included as well. In the movie with the title Split full movie, it seems that you are going to be watching a film while riding a roller coaster since the main character played by James McAvoy is portraying a guy with 23 different personalities. That sounds very tiring, right?

If you have this kind of mental disorder, it is not something to joke about because having a different personality would mean it would have different needs, and your body wouldn’t be able to accommodate all of the needs of the different personalities you have. Another thing is that this is not something that they can control because it can emerge on different circumstances and sometimes, it would just come out without you even knowing it.

On this movie, it started out as a fun outing of 3 teenage girls. However, things suddenly changed when a stranger kidnapped them and hid them in the basement. As they were held captive, they learned that the guy has multiple-personality disorder. When they learned about this, they have made a plan to talk to the particular personality that could help them escape from his imprisonment.  This part of the movie has become the climax since they’ve been interacting with his different personalities and they are figuring out which one would be able to help them, without letting the other person know. That may sound impossible, right?

Talking about this disorder in a psychological aspect, this is something possible because apparently, having different personalities would mean that you have different persons merged in one.  Meaning, the interactions the other person has done would not be remembered by the other, making it something very odd.  Though, whether we believe it or not, there are wonders inside the brain that make it possible, even if it seems impossible for a normal person to understand.

Apparently, this theme of the movie makes it interesting because it has a different twist compared to other movies that are suspense. Because compared to other movies with abduction, they are only dealing with a single person here but has a disorder. However, sometimes, it can be the most difficult to deal with because you don’t know how their minds work. They are unique in a sense that the dysfunction in their mind created a unique way of thinking.

Basically, this movie is considered as one of the best movies since 2017 started because not only it has a unique story line, it also raises an awareness about mental health that it has been emerging for a while now and we need to make an action to prevent it from spreading further.